The Analyst Report as published from time to time is included in our website as part of our stakeholders engagement initiatives. The inclusion of such report however does not imply our endorsement of or concurrence with such information, conclusions or recommendations.

Date Analyst Title
Nov 02, 2015 CIMB Research Working On Major Projects
Aug 21, 2015 RHB Research Earnings Momentum Yet To Gain Traction
Aug 21, 2015 PublicInvest Research Expecting More In 2H
Aug 20, 2015 CIMB Research Expect a strong 2H
Jun 16, 2015 Kenanga Research A Home-Grown Talent & Technology Player
Mar 27, 2015 RHB Research Firming Up Partnership With Unisys
Mar 12, 2015 PublicInvest Research Receiving New Microsoft Contract
Feb 26, 2015 RHB Research Putting An End To a Disappointing Year
Feb 26, 2015 PublicInvest Research Below Expectations
Feb 25, 2015 CIMB Research A better year ahead
Jan 26, 2015 RHB Research The Worst Is Over
Jan 26, 2015 PublicInvest Research Sole Distributor For Microsoft
Jan 23, 2015 CIMB Research Wins Microsoft MLA2.0 contract
Nov 14, 2014 PublicInvest Research Big Data Competency Centres
Nov 13, 2014 CIMB Research In the "Big" league
Nov 04, 2014 PublicInvest Research Broadening Services In O&G Segment
Oct 10, 2014 RHB Research Potential Headwinds Ahead
Aug 29, 2014 PublicInvest Research Key Takeaways From Briefing
Aug 28, 2014 CIMB Research Look ahead to 2015
Aug 28, 2014 RHB Research Subpar 1HFY14 Earnings

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