The Analyst Report as published from time to time is included in our website as part of our stakeholders engagement initiatives. The inclusion of such report however does not imply our endorsement of or concurrence with such information, conclusions or recommendations.

Date Analyst Title
Dec 20, 2013 PublicInvest Research Brighter Prospects Ahead
Nov 21, 2013 RHB Research Full Speed Ahead
Nov 21, 2013 PublicInvest Research More To Come
Nov 21, 2013 CIMB Research Fuelled By Oil & Gas
Nov 20, 2013 CIMB Research Best Quarter So Far
Nov 15, 2013 PublicInvest Research Expanding Into O&G Technical Training
Nov 15, 2013 RHB Research Set To Dominate
Aug 28, 2013 RHB Research Holding Up Well
Aug 28, 2013 PublicInvest Research More To Come In 2H
Aug 28, 2013 CIMB Research More Goodies In The Pipeline?
Aug 27, 2013 CIMB Research Training leads the way
Jun 18, 2013 CIMB Research Small Is In
Jun 10, 2013 RHB Research Setting New Benchmarks
Jun 07, 2013 CIMB Research EPF Now Substantial Shareholder
May 27, 2013 CIMB Research Zooming In On Training
May 23, 2013 PublicInvest Research Lukewarm Results For 1QFY13
May 23, 2013 RHB Research Commendable Start In 1QFY13
May 22, 2013 CIMB Research Higher Training Revenues In 1Q
May 20, 2013 CIMB Research Post-13th General Elections Marketing
May 14, 2013 CIMB Research Well-trained
Feb 21, 2013 PublicInvest Research Broadly In Line
Feb 21, 2013 OSK Research A Decent Ending
Feb 05, 2013 OSK Research Beaming For UniMy
Feb 04, 2013 PublicInvest Research UniMy Set to Drive Long-Term Growth
Jan 30, 2013 OSK Research A Positive Move
Jan 08, 2013 OSK Research A New Chapter Opens