The Analyst Report as published from time to time is included in our website as part of our stakeholders engagement initiatives. The inclusion of such report however does not imply our endorsement of or concurrence with such information, conclusions or recommendations.

Date Analyst Title
Feb 28, 2018 RHB Research Another Subdued Quarter
Feb 28, 2018 PublicInvest Research Boosted By Construction Profit
Feb 28, 2018 BIMB Securities Research Results Review: 4QFY17
Feb 28, 2018 AM Investment Research 4Q core profit surges over 4x YoY
Feb 27, 2018 CIMB Research 4QFY17: Long-term profits from SKIN
Aug 25, 2017 RHB Research SKIN May Start In 4Q17
Aug 25, 2017 BIMB Securities Research Strong Quarter Performance
Aug 25, 2017 AM Investment Research Earnings Comeback Signals Inflection Point
Aug 24, 2017 CIMB Research 2Q17: Take Care Of Your SKIN
Aug 17, 2017 AM Investment Research Stocks On Radar
Aug 11, 2017 Macquarie Research Technology And Talent Innovator
Aug 03, 2017 AM Investment Research Core Business Continues To Deliver
Jul 19, 2017 RHB Research Wrapping Up SKIN
Jul 19, 2017 PublicInvest Research SKIN Concession Agreement Sealed
Jul 19, 2017 CIMB Research SKIN Is Finally Here
Jul 19, 2017 BIMB Securities Research SKIN - The Game Is On
Jul 19, 2017 AM Investment Research A Cut In The SKIN
Jul 07, 2017 RHB Research Getting Under The SKIN
May 23, 2017 RHB Research Wrapping Up SKIN And EduCloud
May 23, 2017 PublicInvest Research Expecting A Catch Up

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